How to boat ? That's the question

Nowadays you are more and more to give yourself over to boating: indeed it is difficult to resist to this sweet sensation of freedom provided by sailing! Nothing is better than feeling the wind in your hair and the perfume of the sea air to have a good week-end! And if you are a boating lover and you want to exchange with some people who share your enthusiasm, so do not look further anymore: welcome on board!

Boating world news

The boating world is always moving and changes so fast. So we perfectly know that it can be difficult to follow the current affairs. That is why we wanted to put at your disposal a blog where you will be able to find the latest news about sailing: incoming events, last regatta results, and news innovations as well... Thanks to our website, you can be sure of never be left on the touchline anymore!

Boat lessons

You are a boating lover and you intend to buy a boat to have a sea trip whenever you want? You just bought the boat you have always dreamed of but you need some help to well start? Indeed, you cannot become an expert sailor from one day to the next: before lauching an attack on the waves, you obviously have to know some elementary but essential rules. Firstly, you have to be sure of possessing a license which is perfectly appropriate to kind of boat you have chosen. You also have to know the several applicable speed limits on the sailing areas you want to follow, and the limits of the inland waters as well. Moreover, you have to know that you always should have some sailing classes before you take the plunge: you will learn to use a navigation system and decipher the coordinate system as well. So you will be able to sail in the safest way.

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