Luxury yacht for sale 

A luxury yacht is a motor boat of several meters designed to offer maximum comfort to its occupants. These luxury yachts for sale are used for cruising, as owners or as tenants. Before buying a yacht, you must think carefully. As with any motor yacht, the luxury yacht can be custom built to meet the needs of its future buyer. Buying a yacht is one thing. Between the post, the fuel, the team... it is much better to get a well-funded bank account. The annual cost of maintaining ships also changes in proportion to the size of the palaces. The costs are related to maintenance: maintenance of these digital systems and wintering of this yacht. We could then talk about the user fees of the owner and his guests (food, gas, reception), but also the costs related to the boat's employees.

The crew on board a boat

Having a team on board your yacht will be an advantage, especially if you want to enjoy your holiday at sea. Composed of highly competent men and women, the team must be competent and particularly encouraged. In the "Bridge and Machine" division, we generally find the technical staff, officers, the medical service and, of course, the priest. A yacht can also adapt a co-pilot to help the captain if necessary. As for the resort division, it has staff responsible for ensuring your comfort. Usually, this service includes staff composed of suppliers, cooks and hotels (hostess, housekeeper, receptionist, etc.).

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